Black Scorpion Chaos team

Greetings! Black Scorpion updated their site with the pre releases for salute 2014. Among other models the've presented a chaos team: 
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Звездный игрок - Трольслеер от Virgil Games

Кампания на indiegogo от Virgil Games достигла очередной вехи, нам представлен звездный игрок:

Моделька доступна всего за 7Евро, включая доставку. При этом с ней вместе идут дворфийский мяч и счетчик:

Virgil Games Dwarves: Berzerker Starplayer announced

Another goal reached in Virgil Games campaign: Berzerker starplayer:  

The model is available for 7 EUR, including free shipping, plus dwarf ball and turn counter:  

Превью новых позиционных для некромантов и нежити от Vortice Miniatures

Показаны арты очередных позиционных игроков для команд нежити и некромантов от Vortice Miniatures..

Vortice Miniatures necromantic/undead preview

More and more details are being revealed about Vortice Miniatures undead players. Recently two wights artworks were shown.

Click "Read more" to see the second wight and some previously announced models:

Dwarf runner by Virgil Games

New dwarf runner revealed during Virgil Games campaign:

Now only one last model is left to be shown: Blitzer number 2. The campaign still has 11 days to go, so if you like the dwarves you still have time to participate.


RN Estudio Chaos Pact campaign update: bodies #8 and #9 unlocked

And another two bodies unlocked in RN Estudio Chaos Pact indiegogo campaign. Still 27 days to go, so you have a change to participate and get some or all of these awesome models.