About us

Blodger Corner was found by Pit in 2013. This was a place where the latest news about Blood Bowl models were posted. Being a true Blood Bowl fan and a model enthusiast, he did a great job at collecting information about everything happening in this area. Models to be released, interviews with sculptors, updates on kickstarter campaigns - it was all represented here.

In 2014 Vusfnuv offered his help in translation of the blog into English to make it more accessible to a larger number of Blood Bowl players. The blog was refurbished, which resulted not only in a fresh look, but also provided some tools to sort articles in English and Russian separately.

Additionally a model gallery was created, where we will show the models we modded and/or painted. This is a place for us to boast of their humble attempts in making our teams not only functional on the table, but also appealing. It's also an example of how the models we are talking about could look if painted by a casual coach.

Please note that English is not our first language, so please excuse us if it's far from perfect.
If you notice a mistake, please email us to panda.feels.blue@gmail.com.
Если Вы заметили ошибку, пожалуйста, напишите нам на panda.feels.blue@gmail.com.