Dwarf Team by Virgil Games: Extra stuff reveiled

The indiegogo capmaign goes well, and some of the rewards have been announced. These includes three counters and block dice. I really like the team, and these counters are great as well. As for the dices, they are one of the best I've ever seen. Also artwork of the expected starplayers was presented.


Now the campaign accumulated around 2600 out of 3500 EUR. To unlock the counters it requires 4000 EUR, to get the dices people the total sum should reach 5500 EUR, which seems reachable.

The choice of the starplayers is good, Grim Ironjaw and Flint Chumblade are probably the best two dwarven starplayers, followed by Zara the Slayer. Is there a chance we'll get her as well? Even if we don't, these two wil probably be enough to cover most of the situations that might happen on the pitch.

Grim will be unlocked at 4500 EUR, Flint at 5000 EUR

Further unlocks are not announced yet, but a field and coaching stuff are promised.

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