Black Scorpion Chaos team

Greetings! Black Scorpion updated their site with the pre releases for salute 2014. Among other models the've presented a chaos team: 
Click "Read More" for more info and photoes.

The team includes 9 different chaos beastmen, but they presented a more detailed photo of only four:

A mino is available, which is a good thing: 
And only two chaos warriors, which is a real fail if you ask me :( Even if you buy a full team you'll have to buy two extra anyway. And if you want them to be unique, you'll have to unpack you modeling knife and some putty.
This is not the first time Black Scorpion provides not a full list of positionals, hopefully next time they do it better. No starplayers or extra models or counter, but still a good team for a fair price. Chaos Warriors could've been just a little larger for my taske though, but that's not critical.

As for the prices, they are quite affordable as usual:
22 GBP for 2 Chaos Warriors + 8 Beastmen
5 GBP for two Chaos Warriors
8 GBP for the mino
35 GBP for the full team with three reserve beasman. If you add something up to 50 GBP they'll provide free shipping.

Judging by their other models that I have, it'll be one piece resin miniatures made of hard resin, which is very difficult to bend, scratch or cut (for resin), but would be difficult to customize as well. The last team I got from them had some molding seams to be cut off, but other than that they didn't have a single defect.

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