Blood Bowl resources

This page contains links to Blood Bowl resources that we find useful.


  • BBtactics - General Blood Bowl discussions, a lot of high quality guides, hints and advises. Home of Crunch Cup - a large international league carried on in Cyanide client. 
  • Blood Bowl Miniatures - An archive of Blood Bowl models released by Games Workshop. 
  • - Old school pictures archive. 
  • Fumbbl - A large community playing on-line using a free java client. 
  • - A home of a Russian Blood Bowl community. Mostly devoted to on-line leagues in Cyanide client, but also have a section about a table top version of the game. 
  • Talk Fantasy Football - Site devoted to football-styled board games, including Blood Bowl. Home of the NAF - Worldwide Fantasy Football players' association. 

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Our friends

  • Kir's Miniatures - a good friend of ours, who collects and paints models and uses them in the games. Lately he's been blogging a lot about his Blood Bowl experience.

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