Greebo's rats on indiegogo: Hand of Death.


It looks like indiegogo attracts more and more manufacturers, which I believe is great. A couple of days ago Greebo Games started a new campaign as well. There are two sets of models: turtles and rats. I'll skip the turtles here as they are not Blood Bowl related (though they are great and you can check them at their page on indiegogo) and will show you the rats, who might be used as a skaven team. They seem not enough warhammer-like for me, but might work for those, who are less conservative. And their theme is cool, so at least check them.

The team has rats that will work fine as skaven blitzers (three models), assassins/guter runners (only two models), linemen (six models), throwers (two models) and a ratogre (one model). Some mutated models and starplayers are announced as extra goal. Here they come (I'll use Greebo's models names here):


Bushido Clan:

The Clan:




Replacement heads:

This is an example of how they might look painted:

Additionally a preview of the pitch, ratogre and deam markers is available (they are still locked, but looking at how he campaign proceeds it'll be unlocked without any doubts):

Some other arts are presented as well, giving an idea of what'll be unlocked next:

Another thing worth noticing is that during this campaign exclusive Bonzo goblins are available:

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